Website Design Price in Bangladesh – Web Development Cost

web design in Bangladesh

Website Design Price in Bangladesh – Web Development Cost


A website is a great way to interact with the customer. It brings great flexibility to both visitors and businesses. Website design price depends on multiple factors. The adroit developers know about their job well and give a better outcome. It influences the price apart from the functionalities of the websites and the technology used to develop the website. In general, a website can cost from 50 dollars to 10,000 dollars. But I think the details are a bit obscure now as I haven’t explained them. So to understand it well, please read the whole article. 

Before I start, I would like to request you to check our Live Project Websites. These websites are built from the scratch. These are all customized websites. The price of customized websites is relatively high as it takes a great amount of time to develop. But please don’t confound the price of customized websites with ready-made websites.

Website Design Price In Bangladesh: 

Before we start I would like to tell you about a big red flag. Don’t fall for pirated websites despite being cheap. They are very slow and have a serious level of security issues. Slow websites kill sales because when the loading time of the website is very high the users may switch to another website.  

Before checking the price of a website you need to know your requirements. What kind of website do you need? Do you want online transaction functionalities? Or do you want to showcase your projects on your websites? Or do you want real-time communication with your audience? Summarize all of the required functionalities of the websites. Now let us know details about the types of websites. 

Website Design Price of Ecommerce Website in Bangladesh:

Multi-vendor websites are a bit more expensive than single-vendor websites. Multi-Vendor websites have features of a Vendor Dashboard, Product upload systems for every vendor,  and many more things. As a single-vendor website is simpler than a Multi-vendor website it takes lower time to develop. Another thing that influences the price of an Ecommerce Website is product variation. Amazon has the most complex product variation system in the world. Product variation should change the price of the product. The price of eCommerce developed by FARA IT Limited starts from $350 and generally ends at $1000. The price varies based on the used technologies and variations. 

Website Design Price of Travel Website in Bangladesh:

A travel website can be just a portal or can have online booking options. The price dramatically changes based on the functionality of the website. A modern travel website should contain a dynamic admin panel, a dynamic content publishing system, and online booking systems. For Fara IT Limited, the price of the travel website is not predeterminable. The price is determined by the duration to develop the website and the total functionalities of the website.  

Website Design Price of Corporate Website in Bangladesh:

The corporate website is different from any other type of website. This type of website can be static or dynamic depending entirely on the requirements of the clients. But it is essential that the website should be dynamic. The news of the special events of the company should be easily publishable. For Fara IT Limited, the price of a corporate website is not determinable. We determine the price depending on the requirements of the clients. 

Website Design Price of Educational Website in Bangladesh:

The educational website is quite unique compared to other types of websites depending on the functionality. Education website is often dynamic. There should be a dynamic admin panel, and dynamic posting ability. If it is required we can develop live class features on the website. We can add a dynamic student dashboard. Fara IT Limited doesn’t specify the price of Education Websites. The price of the website depends on the functionalities and required time to develop the website. 

Website Design Price of Portfolio Website in Bangladesh:

The portfolio websites are comparatively cheap. Portfolio websites are maintained by non-programmers mostly. So the website is supposed to be dynamic. Depending on the person and position of the clients, we develop the portfolio website. To know the price of the portfolio website please contact us. 

Website Design Price of Blog Website in Bangladesh:

Blog websites help create loyal customers. They don’t increase sales dramatically but increase the brand value which ensures a sustainable growth. The entire blog website is always dynamic. The functionalities of blog websites are nearly the same. To learn about the price of blog website development please contact us. 

Website Design Price of News Website in Bangladesh:

News websites are very dynamic and require great server speed. For a sustainable news portal, you need a fast, responsive, dynamic, and great-looking website. Depending on the size and architecture of the website we determine the price. To know the latest price of news portal design please contact us. 



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