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Sales, Inventory and Accounts Management System

From 2016, Point of Sales(POS) Software developed by the software development team of FARA IT LIMITED has been an attractive solution for small to large businesses to handle accounting and inventory management. We offer the most updated features in the industry. You can maintain effective communication with suppliers, producers and buyers which will ensure speed, transparency, and efficiency, the three core components to grow your business from small to large.

Every day new businesses are coming to the industry. The population is increasing. So, the opportunity and competition both are growing simultaneously. The increased demand forces the business to produce more. It is incredibly difficult and costly for businesses to provide such a huge market with desired products in such a short amount of time. Whether you are a big or small company, you don’t need to switch your POS if you use a scalable POS. FARA IT LIMITED offers you the most appropriate POS solution in the market.

Inventory and Accounts Management System

Our Core Features


You can select the server or cloud services. Our solution is compatible with any kind of renowned server. Server cost and specification determines the long term cost of maintaining service. This is why our solution goes well with all sizes of businesses. Small businesses need low-cost servers and large businesses need robust servers.


Different businesses need different features based on their business operation. The size of the business also matters. We can build a unique Point of Sales solution based on your requirements. Our solution supports multiple languages.


Our developers have developed a unique and innovative reporting system that helps the managers to find essential information in the shortest time and summarize it automatically.


Our solution is created by experienced developers who are well aware of the current industry trends and requirements of global and local businesses. This is why our solution was proved to be modern by our clients. We offer the integration of electronic devices.


You can use one solution for all your stores. Our point of sales system is very efficient in handling data from multiple sources. Your employees need a very little amount of time to learn using our POS software.


We implement our system with great care and perfection. You can reach us through our Whatsapp or Email contact address. We will respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Elements of our pos Software

Product Information

Our system stores all information about the products. This piece of information is very important to track inventory and sales amounts. VAT Excise tax and all other extra costs which may vary from product to product are stored here. The system automatically handles things that may seem tedious for the human worker to complete accurately. The most common components of product information are:

  • Product Name
  • SKU Code
  • Product Code
  • Colour Code
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Taxation
  • Product Availability
  • Variation Code

Supplier Information Update

Our system automatically stores, validates and updates the supplier’s information. You should know the name, location of the suppliers. Otherwise, during rush hour, you will find it difficult to contact them. Our system stores the following information regarding the suppliers. We can add customized fields according to your requirements.

  • Location of the Suppliers
  • Name of the Suppliers
  • Suppliers’Communication Method 
  • The stock of the Suppliers
  • Suppliers’ Communication Channel 
  • Notification System for the Suppliers
  • Capacity of Suppliers

Product Information

There are multiple phases before purchase is completed. The buyer carts the products then decide which products to purchase finally. But as soon as the sales are triggered it is very important to store the information when the order was placed and when it should be shipped. The major components of Purchase information are:

  • Order Time
  • Expected Shipment Time
  • Total Order Amount
  • Tax Charged Amount
  • Total Order Quantity

Order Status

It is the most important part of the POS software. Order handling should be done properly. It is the time when server security and capacity is very important. If the server is disconnected at this time, you will find it very difficult to deal with the error. Most of the Point of sales software related issues are related to order status in real life.

  • Customer Order Placed
  • Order Cancelled Due to Stock Unavailability
  • Buyer Cancel the Order
  • Stock Update

Shipment Status

It is concerned with the customer. For eCommerce orders, it is important to notify the operation manager and the customer of the shipment status. The customer needs to know where his product is now.

  • The product has reached the warehouse
  • The purchased Product has been sent to the courier
  • Product has reached Customer
  • The product was not received 
  • Product Returned

Customer Information Update

You may want to track the most valuable customers of your business. You can get loyal customers in this way. Our POS system stores the customer information which always helped our clients to retain loyal customers. The core fields of the customer’s information:

  • Location of the Customer
  • Name of the Customer
  • Communication Method of the Customer
  • Customer Communication Channel of the Customer
  • Notification System for the Customer
  • Expected Time of Order Received from the Customer

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management means the stock in and stock out recording process. Warehouse capacity is the most important factor to consider before going any kind of promotional operation. The core fields of Warehouse Managements:

  • Warehouse Capacity
  • Stock In
  • Stock-Out
  • Stock Balance

Courier Notification

Most of the time you may not need it. You may call them on the phone. But when your business covers a huge area, it will be difficult to handle all of these different delivery men. You may reach a deal with a third party delivery company or employ a rider. In this case, you may need a single courier handler to deal with diversified delivery methods and channels.

  • Convey the Message to the Courier to Pick Products
  • Notify about Order Details


There are several other things that we offer. Our automated SMS Payment Reminder, Digital Invoice system ensures that the payment of the goods is completed on time. Customer trust-building is also very important. This is why based on the clients demand we can notify the customers to give reviews about the product they received if they forget to give a rating.

  • SMS Payment Reminder
  • Invoice System
  • Store Location

Our system prepares 2D and 3D reporting based on your requirements. You can get a quick insight into your business by looking at custom reports. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, we can reach a long-term relationship in business.

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