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Customized Website Development Cost

A dynamic customized website increases the brand value of an organization. It is a profile of an organization. eCommerce, Corporate, service-oriented and portfolio websites must be dynamic because these types of websites need regular updates.  The price of a website depends on the following factors.


  1. CMS

  2. Hosting

  3. Domain

  4. Plug-in

  5. Features

  6. Functionality

  7. Size


Generally, the price of a dynamic Custom Website Design starts from $50 to $10,000. Websites built with the cracked plug-in or pirated softwares are often slow and have security issues. FARA IT LIMITED develops Custom Website Design bridging the customer requirements and industry trends. The price of a customized website is determined by the expected features and technology used. We develop Dynamic, Fast, Secure and Responsive web applications. If you are willing to know the details, please contact us. You can be sure that we follow a standard of pricing. So you can rest assured that you will get your website at the best price. 




What Kinds of Website Do You Need?

We offer multiple types of Custom Website Design. Based on the characteristics and functionality of the website, we classified the websites into an eCommerce website, Corporate Website, News Website, News Websites, Blog Websites, Portfolio Websites, Educational Website, Entertainment Website, Travel Websites. The cost of creating each type of website is different. All of our created websites are dynamic because we keep in mind that a non-coder should also be able to publish content on the website. So, regardless of the classification, you can rest assured that you can publish content easily even though you don’t know to code. 

Customized eCommerce website : 

Ecommerce websites are kind of unique and complex. Some extra dynamic pages need to be created. Product variation is the most complex thing. The price should be changed dynamically. To perform a cross-channel promotion, you need a website. Sales can come from multiple channels, but the funnel should end in one place. Otherwise, it will be completely messed up. 

Ecommerce websites allow you to get loyal customers permanently.   

Customized Corporate Website :

Nowadays, nearly 95% of people don’t trust a company that doesn’t have a website. Customers look for it as the first indicator of a company’s authenticity when evaluating its credibility. Besides, it is a good idea to show your works to potential clients. You can hire a group of people to create your corporate website or hire a web development company to create an innovative, customized website for your business. 

Customized News Website:

Newspapers are going to be paperless. It sounded weird a decade ago, but now it has come true. Now people read news from websites. Of course, there can be credibility issues, but as the newspaper giants go online, that issue will soon be resolved. We create easy-to-understand and easy-to-use customized newspaper websites.    

Customized Blog Website:

Blogging is the most powerful way to interact with the audience. You can publish valuable information in the blog that will effectively promote you to the world positively. FARA IT LIMITED, a Bangladesh-based Based Web Development Company, created many customized blog websites. We can assist you too. 

Customized Portfolio Website: 

A portfolio website is where you can put all information regarding what you have done in your career life. If you don’t have programming skills, we can assist you in creating customized portfolio websites. We have vast experience in complex projects. We have also created several portfolio websites based on the demand.

Customized Educational Website:

As a result of the internet’s blessing, proper education is now readily available to all people everywhere. One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of educational websites is that they provide a wealth of information. Therefore, we create instructional websites in response to the requirements of our clients.

Customized Entertainment Website:

Now it is hard to find a proper time for everyone to sit in front of the Television. This is why Youtube is gaining popularity. But revenue from Youtube is very low. This is why you may want a different entertainment website for your own entertainment company, or you can create a premium entertainment website where other people will publish their works. FARA IT LIMITED, “a web development company,” has made many entertainment websites for clients on their requirements. 

Customized Travel Agency Website

In order to conduct business, a travel agency requires specific types of websites that offer specified information. We have designed and created a vast number of websites for travel companies. All of our customers are delighted with the end outcome of our efforts. This is one of the reasons why people have faith in us.

Customized Unique Websites:

You may require a website that will include eCommerce functionality and the functionality of a corporate and portfolio website. It is merely one type of illustration among many others. Anything and everything may be required at any time. Whatever the case may be, as a customized website building company in Bangladesh, we are prepared to assist you in developing a website that is completely tailored to your specific requirements.

Best Custom Website Design Development Company In Bangladesh:

FARA IT LIMITED is the best web development company in Bangladesh. It has a creative team that can create super good-looking websites on time. They handle the design, development, security, and search engine optimization of a website that makes their clients relaxed about the projects. 

We have a highly skilled and professional web developer team who profoundly follows industry trends and designs creative websites. It has been five years since the FARA IT LIMITED created the first custom website for clients. Since then, our glorious journey has been going on. In this journey, the lesson we learned is that a company must have a secure, super good-looking, responsive, fast and flexible, well-structured website. We have an excellent reputation for completing custom website projects on time. 

Cost & Time Requirement:

We charge from 25,000 to 40,000 to create a website. Customers’ requirements may influence the price of the service. We lay a significant emphasis on delivering products on time and in good quality. The amount of time it will take to design and launch the website is determined by its intricacy. When creating a website, we employ the most up-to-date technologies. This makes our developed websites attractive, super-fast, and very responsive. We have a digital marketing team that gives us SEO support. We are a custom website development company you can trust.