Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

best website design company

Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fara IT Fusion is one of the Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are a corporate organization where we solely focus on Software design & development, Website design & development, Mobile Apps development, UI/UX design, and Digital Marketing. By using our long experience and knowledge of data, technology, and emerging trends we provide corporate consultancy in terms of IT development. We are increasing dynamically providing numerous IT solutions for both end users and commercial entities. Our aim is to provide you with the best IT solution within your budget and timeline. Our B2B support helps other organizations build a concrete IT wing to support their clients & management teams. Fara IT Fusion helps businesses with training, documentation, consultancy & corporate IT support.

What is Web Design?

Have you ever thought about how does it look in the backend of the website? It is not actually user-friendly. To arrange the information in a user-friendly manner, you need to develop the front end with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. To help the developers, it is a common practice to illustrate the website interface with graphical tools first. 

Type of Web Design:


How do you want to achieve your business success? If your website is meant to bring sales directly from the website, it means it has eCommerce functionality. But when it comes to an eCommerce website, it is more extensive than the normal website. Having eCommerce functionality and being an eCommerce website are not 100% the same. On eCommerce websites, people come only to purchase. But on the regular website, people come to learn about a product. So it is important to build an eCommerce website very responsive, fast, and attractive. This is why eCommerce websites require great design. 


Nowadays, news portals have revolutionized the news industry. The demand for News Papers is degrading. The news portals have made information greatly available to the mass population at a lesser cost which attracted advertisers to spend more on the portals. A news portal is just the digital format of the newspaper. We developed multiple News Portal Websites for our clients. Before the development, we design the layout and color grading of the websites.  


A portfolio website is the mirror of your professional or business career. What does a mirror do? It shows us our reflection. But the portfolio website is such a mirror that shows our charisma and capabilities. Very few percentages of people can program a website. A dynamic, responsive, animated, and attractive portfolio website can dramatically improve your image in the industry or job sector. Before the development phase begins our designers can create an elegantly designed website layout for you. If you are satisfied we will start developing the website. 


Did you ever ask yourself that the Facebook Page of a company has millions of followers but only thousands of them buy the product? Why does it happen? It happens because only those few thousand people need the product and they are comfortable with the brand. How do people get comfortable with the brands? It is because of the branding activities. You are going to have to deal with the concern of the customers. Blogs and Vlogs are great ways to deal with the concerns of customers. We developed many blog websites. Before the development begins our designers deal with the layout and visuals of the websites. 


Did it ever come to your mind when you want to learn something what do you do? You try to find out about it on Google. If you don’t find out about it, you stay away from those things. It leads to a serious level of trust issues. If other people create a website on your business name and start doing nasty things to hurt your business, it will be you who will be the loser. So before they damage your business, you should develop your website. We designed the layout of many corporate websites. You can count on us.


There are multiple types of Educational Websites. The pricing depends on the functionalities of the websites. Some educational websites are blogs, videos, and mix types. Modern websites require user sign-up and log-in functionalities; Some websites require subscription functionality; Some websites require live class functionality. As a website design company in Bangladesh, we have the capability to develop any kind of educational website. 


In the 21st century, people spend more time on the internet than on Television. People use entertainment websites to seek entertainment. According to the most recent survey, people spend most of their leisure time on Youtube and then on Facebook. An interactive and elegant design is the first thing to lead to success.  As the Best Web Design Company in Bangladesh, you can count on us for the development of your desired entertainment website. 

Travel website:

With the rise of the middle class, the tourism industry is booming around the world. The demand for both travel portal and travel agency websites are skyrocketing. For tourists, finding accommodation and transportation has never been so easy. Fara IT Fusion has completed several projects for a variety of travel websites. As an emerging Best Web Design Companyin Bangladesh, you can count on us.  

Stages of Web Design:

Requirements Gathering:

For any Best Web Design Company, this is the very first step in designing a successful website. It is undoubtedly the most critical step as it requires a crystal clear understanding of the business and mission of the company. It helps the designers to understand what kind of architecture the company needs. In this critical step, it is quite common for designers to ask the questions to clients:

  1. Who is the Target Audience?
  2. What are the required functionalities?

Brainstorming Ideas:

This is the second stage of the web design phase. After gathering all the important information, the web designers start thinking and sketching some creative ideas for the project. A bunch of rough designs should be drawn to get clients’ feedback. The design should be drawn considering the mindset of the clients.

Creating Workflows:

After completing the requirement gathering and brainstorming phase, we get some ideas about the requirements of the clients. Then we create a detailed plan for the client’s website. We create a workflow which is consist of diagrams. We clarify the diagrams with detailed pieces of information.

Developing Visual Mockups:

Once the workflow of the website design project is created, our designers start designing. It is the final phase of the website designing phase. Once this phase is finished we give the mockups to the clients. If he is satisfied, we give the mockup to the developers. 

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